Thursday, September 2, 2010


15 days more to go.


Super babi fast, right!

Well, I think it's 15 lah, my Math also a bit suspect wan haha

Starting to feel quite jittery lol jitters in me timbers.

Flashes of KLIA departure moments invade the privacy of my mind nowadays.

But actually, nothing is set in stone. Like. Nothing is ever certain until the time comes.

Let's say... How if I suddenly stomach ache until can die, then I miss my flight? Then no KLIA departure moments liao. Fail. Hahha.

I've just finished reading The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern, and I guess that got me wondering...

How if we knew what was going to happen tomorrow? Or the near future?

Would we change what we would do that very day, so as to alter what could have happened the next day?

Would there be less regret in the world this way?

Or is this a form of escapism for the weak who do not want to face the truth but would rather do everything differently just to get ideal results at the end of the day?

Hmmm. But I guess this is where I stop myself and chastise my overly thinking mind and go, it's just a book, Rachel. Just a book. :)

Haha but it could come in handy though, should I really get a stomach ache the hour before my flight. By reading about the next day in the diary, I would not eat whatever I ate on that day hahha so that my bowels would not be affected the next day and KLIA departure moments would carry on as I predicted it would. ;)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chang moments

I was in KLCC the other day where I had lunch with my mother.

Sitting on the quaint wooden hard-backed chairs in Little Penang Cafe, waiting for my food to be served, I wondered how many more times I will get to have lunch with my mom.

The sole reason why we were in KL that morning itself warranted my contemplation.

We collected my Visa (which btw, went smoothly, thank God) at Wisma MCA and headed to wherever nearby that could shelter us from the humidity, thus KLCC came into the picture.

Yeah, so that gets me thinking. I have about slightly more than a month left before there will be no more lunch dates with my mom. Hmmm. We go out quite often, you see and I guess its absence will be something that I will feel profoundly when in the UK.

Quite some time back, when I first got my results, I think, my dad came home with a ho my goodnessingly large quantity of durians to celebrate hahaha because they happen to be my favourite fruit. And that made me smile like the sun, dance like a fool, shine like gold and buzz like a bee.

(Actually ah, this one is fake wan, as in not from the batch he brought home that day. This is from duno when, quite a bad picture too, but the only one I have of a durian LOL)

Even earlier back, sometime in May, my dad came home after work and asked me to go out to the car to see something. Hmmm. What is this, quite sneaky. Usually this would mean, help him take out durians from the boot, cos they happen to be his favourite fruit too hehe.

But no, it wasn't the awesome-smelling fruit this time. I saw some yellow thingies through the window, in the backseat. Fishy, hey. Went closer...


That looks like... Waitda minute.... IT IS! Wait, no! THEY ARE!

Spongebob and Tweety helium-filled balloons! Swaying gently from side to side. Mine was obviously the Spongebob one. Hahaha Ducky, as it's called, was for mommy.

He was on his way back from KL, and I'm not sure if you know, but KL at night, near Dataran Merdeka there, has a lot of people, tourists and locals alike, just chilling and there're vendors selling all sorts of stuff. So my dad saw this dude holding 18927819246 helium balloons, all in one bunch walking on the opposite side of the road. What did my dad do?

He made a U-turn, got stuck in the jam he just got out of, to beli dua belon. Hahha. The guy wanted to give him a, in my father's words, "girl with black hair got fringe wan" but my dad remembered seeing Spongebob on the TV when I used to watch it, so he insisted upon "itu kuning punya, square square" hahaha :') :') :')

Oh, I later found out that the "girl with black hair got fringe wan" was Dora the Explorer. HAHA. Thank goodness he didn't settle for that, cos Dora and I, takde connexion HAHA I never grew up with her programmes lol. Way after my time.

So I guess, the message I'm trying to carry across is that, time is really precious. With time on our hands, we get to experience, and with experience, we get to create memories worth a lifetime. Sometimes I get so frustrated when my parents don't get me, like really really honestly not-my-fault type of don't get me, but putting that aside, I really am going to miss all these other moments that only the Chang family share. <3

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So many months have passed and it's already nearing the end of July now.

Where did all that time go?

Exams have come and gone, results are out (I met the requirements needed, thank God), and my first year as a university student has come to an end. Wow.

If past experiences are anything to go by, then time really flies. But somehow I find that time has come to a standstill these few months leading up to September.

I actually don't know how I feel. Conflicted, really. I honestly can't wait for September to come as the UK comes with it (if all goes well) and a whole new adventure awaits me. But at the same time, I'm leaving so much behind. However, at this moment, it seems to me that the excitement outweighs all other feelings by just a little.

And with the UK comes the English Premier League(I HAVE to watch at least ONE live game!!) :D and the Olympics in 2012!!

With the UK also comes a chance to explore and see the world, starting with the UK itself and hopefully Europe. The expenses issue, yeah, a huge setback. Many things are lined up though, all uncertain but bursting with promise.

I can finally visit Miss Tiong in Edinburgh <3 and Miss Lim in London <3 and definitely my auntie and cousin in Ireland whom I have not seen for quite a while now! I hope you guys are doing great by the way!! Ireland's also home to, well, not my favourite author, but an author whose books I've read and really liked. Cecelia Ahern. And London's home to Ken Follett. I'm a huge hugeee fan.

Sigh, I have this idealistic view of life in the UK (blame the English classics and old Victorian movies) but I guess for now, it's time to get back to reality and see if all this works out, if all this is part of God's plan for me. In the weeks ahead, my full attention will be given to settling my Visa stuff, and then, we'll see where we go from there. :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

So, my bedside table has a lot of books stacked up on it.
Some for a little bedtime reading, some are there because I study on the bed at times.
So they've just accumulated, some on top of the other with their spines hidden, some next to each other with their titles neatly printed on their spines for the whole world to see.

After a devotional session with my dad just now, he was talking to me about the verse we read. Psalm 119 : 9-16. It speaks about how we are to remember His decrees and percepts and word to keep our ways pure. My dad left with me something to ponder upon.

"So why is it that we spend so much time reading everybody else's word (taps a book - JK Rowling's word in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on my table and goes on to lightly jab Jonathan Herring's word in Criminal Law Textbook under Harry Potter) but not God's word?"

"We can read everrryyyythingggg in whole wide world (I looked at my shelf stacked with storybooks) and we forget the most important."

Huh. Never thought about it that way.

A further impactful verse that struck me was v11:
I have hidden your word in my heart that I may not sin against you.

So have I hidden His word in my heart? Have I kept His decrees, His percepts, His ways, His word in my heart that I may not sin against Him? Not entirely.
Do I try to? Yeah.
All the time? Erm, I don't think so..
Why not? .....

I mean, like my dad said, we spend so much time memorizing and labouring and agonizing over our studies, in my context it's Law. And I mean, I spend hours going through those stupid cases, those definitions and everything else and I don't realize that none, NONE, of them matter when it comes down to my relationship with God.

Who am I kidding man. Like seriously. What use is memorizing all that when I neglect reading His word? His word that is the very light onto my path? His word that I'm supposed to live by??

Right now I can tell you from memory the sections for the offence of theft. S3 for appropriation, S4 for property and S5 for belonging to another. It's at the back of my hand. But what for?? When I don't have the word of God at the back of my hand?? I invested so much time knowing all these that are so... So stupid. When compared with the word of life.

I turned and looked at Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (which I have read at least a good 10 times) on my table and it's like, what the gay man, why am I reading that so many times when I have not read the bible through, from page to page, every single word, at least once and understood it?

It's worse now that my do or die finals are drawing ever nearer. It's like I spend almost every waking hour studying (or attempting to study, the distinction of which doesn't really matter cos I'm still sitting there staring at the book) and only a fraction of my time reading the word. Of. God. The word of the one who holds my future in His hands. The future which I am currently neglecting His word to study for. Ironic, isn't it. Neglecting the word of God to study for a future determined by God. Like hello, what is wrong with you, woman!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rachel Chang says:
Marcus Chong!! I managed to get online!! heheheh

Marcus says:
your email canggih

Rachel Chang says:
hshaha why??

Marcus says:

Rachel Chang says:

Marcus says:
nvr hear b4

Rachel Chang says:
what you thinking

Marcus says:
i cant send worr

Rachel Chang says:
eh long time d la... now only you notice haha
oh i must come online?

Marcus says:
try online?
why not i send to your email?
which email should i send to

Rachel Chang says:
oh yeah hor
email better leh

Marcus says:

Rachel Chang says:
no no that one died long time ago

Marcus says:
not exciting anymore i guess (me: I really duno HOW he comes up with this kinda comments LOL!)
i send d
hope u receive!

Rachel Chang says:

Marcus says:
so how is it?

Rachel Chang says:
haven haven

Marcus says:
okie okie
take your time tiger li-li
i shall wait n meditate

Rachel Chang says:

Marcus says:
its me
rmb i am the wise n powerful (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Movies to be released in 2010 :


HARRY POTTER - Deathly Hallows

NARNIA (!!!) - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

TWILIGHT SAGA - Eclipse (a bit fast right?)



SAW 7 (I didn't know the 6th was out? :/)

IRON MAN 2 (!!!)


CLASH OF THE TITANS (!!!) (March!!)


THE WOLFMAN (kononnya in Feb)


LITTLE FOCKERS (HAHAHAA as in, Meet The Parents, Meet The Fockers, then Little Fockers, geddit??)


And and and!!

"Foreign films set to make a stir in 2010 include hard-hitting French prison drama A Prophet and dark Swedish mystery The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."

Faster go read the book now!!! Hahahaha.
The author's Stieg Larsson.

Movies I'm interested in mainly because wana check out the actors :

THE BOOK OF ELI (Denzel Washington)

WHEN IN ROME (Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel)

DEAR JOHN (Channing Tatum, Amanda Seyfried from Mamma Mia)

THE LAST SONG (Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth - Let's see if can fight Lucas Till lol)

REMEMBER ME (Robert Pattinson HAHA. We shall see if he can stop looking stoned)

LOSERS (Chris Evans, Zoe Saldana, Columbus Short)

LETTERS TO JULIET (Amanda Seyfried)

KILLERS (Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl)

SALT (Angelina Jolie looks pretty hot in the poster. So, Who Is Salt?)

BEASTLY (Alex Pettyfer, Vanessa Hudgens, Mary-Kate Olson)

YOUR HIGHNESS (James Franco, Zooey Deschanel, Natalie Portman)

BURIED (Ryan Reynolds)

Don't know if half of these movies will ever reach Msian shores haha but surely the mainstream ones will? Goodie :D

By the way, did you know there is gona be a 30 Days of Night 2? -.-
There's gona be National Treasure 3 and Wanted 2 too.
And apparently there's an X-Men: Magneto?

Monday, December 28, 2009


Why must some of my favourite people be awayyyyy todayyyyy?!?
Not even in the SAME COUNTRY!! :'( :'( :'(

But I hope you guys are doing well there :D :D Hehe!

THANK GOD my other favourite bunch is hereeeee :D :D
I will be seeing you guys in a bit! :DDD

Last night, I had the best (it's the first time I'm saying 'best' so.. It really is the best) birthday morning as far as I can remember. My handphone rang at... 12.45am isit? Yeah and I heard from the loveliest person ever. WHO WAS TOTALLY UNEXPECTED!!! Cos I didn't know she would do that!! My goodness, such a sweetheart.

But yeah, yknow how some people call and wish you HB and then you guys exchange pleasantries for a bit and then hang up? Yeah, it could be because you guys aren't close and the fact that the other person called you to wish you is actually super great already. But I don't know, her call wasn't like the ones I had, it was long and meaningful and extremely heart warming.

I felt soo good when she (or was it we? We had one of those "you hang up first!" moments LOL. Always happens with me cos I can't put down the phone hahaha) hung up and it left a very contented feeling in my heart :') You are awesome possum if you're reading this! And she wanted to wish me HB 19 times to complete it. HAHA but I purposely made her lose count lol!

Then, I got another call from another friend minutes after the previous call.
HAHAHA he was HILARIOUS. I'm not even exaggerating man! Many reasons as to why he was, but AHAHAHA is all I can say. It was extremely sweet of him to actually remember and call and hahaha can't wait to speak to you about your phone call lah, friend :D Classic! "My finish going to credit." LOL fun stuff lah :')

And I still can't believe you called lah!! Besides the fun and humour you provided, it felt very nice, just wonderful, that someone you got to know over the past 4 months would pick up the phone and make the effort to call you up even if just to give you a short wish (which in his case turned out to be a long one lol!).

SO THANK YOU BOTH OF YOU!! :') :') :')
What we talked about... Just puts a smile on my face when I think about it haha :)

THANK YOU!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

It's really great to receive your texts and Facebook wall posts :')
Thank God for technology hey :P