Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So many months have passed and it's already nearing the end of July now.

Where did all that time go?

Exams have come and gone, results are out (I met the requirements needed, thank God), and my first year as a university student has come to an end. Wow.

If past experiences are anything to go by, then time really flies. But somehow I find that time has come to a standstill these few months leading up to September.

I actually don't know how I feel. Conflicted, really. I honestly can't wait for September to come as the UK comes with it (if all goes well) and a whole new adventure awaits me. But at the same time, I'm leaving so much behind. However, at this moment, it seems to me that the excitement outweighs all other feelings by just a little.

And with the UK comes the English Premier League(I HAVE to watch at least ONE live game!!) :D and the Olympics in 2012!!

With the UK also comes a chance to explore and see the world, starting with the UK itself and hopefully Europe. The expenses issue, yeah, a huge setback. Many things are lined up though, all uncertain but bursting with promise.

I can finally visit Miss Tiong in Edinburgh <3 and Miss Lim in London <3 and definitely my auntie and cousin in Ireland whom I have not seen for quite a while now! I hope you guys are doing great by the way!! Ireland's also home to, well, not my favourite author, but an author whose books I've read and really liked. Cecelia Ahern. And London's home to Ken Follett. I'm a huge hugeee fan.

Sigh, I have this idealistic view of life in the UK (blame the English classics and old Victorian movies) but I guess for now, it's time to get back to reality and see if all this works out, if all this is part of God's plan for me. In the weeks ahead, my full attention will be given to settling my Visa stuff, and then, we'll see where we go from there. :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Update :

It's 2 for RM60, not 50 haha. Rubi I mean. And nope, the selection here is waayyyyy less as compared to Aus. :( Haha for flats la. Other stuff, okay. The price for the flats is actually RM10 cheaper than if you buy it overseas, so yes, no need ask brotherfathermothersister buy for you from wherever, buy from Pavilion! Hahaha.

It was packedpackedpacked today, cos I guess it's a new store and it's affordable so people were just constantly entering and buying truckloads of stuff. Lingerie were like flying off the shelves, duno why suddenly people so in need of them now lol. Li was mighty happy to find ballet flats in her size :) but still, some in her size were sold out, the irony.

I hate it when the police conveniently choose to close some roads, some MAIN roads, like the Dataran Merdeka road urgh, so gotto make bighumungousjungous detours.

Generally, today was a good day! I happy! Lol. Days like these, yeah, they rarely come by. So, when they do, big deal lah :P

Tmw. Uni. 6.15 am. Hooray. Cheer cheer.

And tmw. Night. :'( :'( :'( Zhheeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :(:((

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Every girl should go check out Cotton On & Rubi!! Hehehe :DD

They're now open (finally) in Pavilion!! Which is the first mall in Malaysia to carry that brand I think lol.

It's pretty cheap actually, but I guess a little more here than if you convert directly from AUD. Tax blabla, yknow.

When I was in Aussie, both these shops were available almost anywhere, selling some of the cheapest clothing. Quality a bit suspect lah lol but pretty decent stuff.

Cotton On had tops that were like 10 AUD which was reaallyy murah. Now, don't you go converting & times how much etcetc cos basically, if you're given 100 AUD to spend, 10 AUD is nothing la.
I got one of those military/cadet caps for... 1 AUD. Hahahaha. Then there're skirts for 10/15 AUD and their own shoes (which are mostly supplied by Rubi). They sell bags too and scarves haha.

Rubi on the other hand, is this insane store that sells unimaginable numbers of ballet flats. And other shoes (heels, strappy sandal flats etcetc) But majority ballet flats. And they're affordable!! I paid 7.90 AUD for a pair and there were some like 2 for 25 AUD etcetc. Plenty of choices available, patterns like checks, solid colours, polka dotes, suede material, stars etcetc. Again, quality a bit suspect haha but boleh tahan la, I mean, mine're still in good shape ehehe. :)

Can't wait to check them out soon! Wonder if the variety in the store here is as maju as the ones in the land down under. Heard the prices here are like 2 for RM50 in Rubi so... Okay laa.. :)


Updates on my driving life (haha) :

I drive everyday now. And Federal is perpetually jam no matter how early you enter it. Okay la, maybe if you get on it like.. 5am then it'll be clear lol. But 6 onwards.. It's moving, but like crawling lol. So. Not fun. But boleh tahan. Lol. Oh btw, it takes me 30min to get to uni now :)))

I like to be early, not just on time, but early, because then I'm not stressed and my day starts off well. So upon reaching uni, I have to find a parking spot which is not a problem at 7.15am and this leaves me in a pretty good mood which is vital in order for me to absorb and study whatever that's being taught that day. I'm happy. :)

Now, on days when my classes start at 12 noon.... I am not in a good mood. Lol. Because, by 8am, all, and I mean ALL, the parking spaces are taken up. So when I reach uni at 11ish, I basically have to go round & round & round for 30min, (just imagine watching the clock in yr car go from 11.30 to 12 noon) sometimes more, praying that somebody's class ends at that time. And then, there're so many other ppl who have classes at 12 noon too who also drive to contend with. So, about 7 cars going round & round like a merry-go-round, fighting for 1 space. Quite pathetic, very stressful. I don't like. It leaves me flustered & annoyed lol.

So, I will reach at 10am next time. And even though I'll still get stressed cos of insufficient parking, it won't be so bad cos I won't be rushing for class. And I'll at least have half an hour or so to unfluster myself haha.


Oh btw, I skidded the other day. It doesn't sound scary but what I mean is, if I didn't stop skidding, confirm hit the car in front sorta thing. Babi lah the car (or rather, driver) in front of me. It was a gold Avanza. I was a safe distance away from it (duno if lady or guy so don't care), on the fast lane. And I'm usually quite focused when I drive, cos I'm aware that accidents are really quite real even though you may think it will never ever happen to you.

Was travelling about 100km/hr I think. Suddenly, out of no where, the it in front, jammed on the brakes yknow. Like jammed jammed yknow. JAMMED!!! Not the brake-lights-come-on-then-car-slowing-down situation yknow. Literally jammed-on-the-brakes-till-car-jerk-forward-noticably-and-body-flung-forward-cos-of-major-inertia type of jam yknow.

Babi I thought got WHAT in front yknow, dead cow or smtg, since it braked so suddenly and it was going at 100km/hr too I think. So, naturally, I jammed on the brakes too, and can feel the car sort of stopped, but travelling forward. Those of you who've skidded before would know the feeling. You know you've braked, and your car's not accelerating anymore, but your car's just going forward on it's own accord. Basically, skidding la. Can hear sound somemore. Of tyres skidding on road.

Then, as suddenly as it occurred, the it in front let go of the brakes and joyously went on with it's journey. Like, HALLO?!!! I mean, are you out of your mind??? Nothing also simply jammed on brakes, you think at the back nobody isit. >:( It may sound like nothing, but really, skidding is scary cos you don't know if your car can stop in time. It's like, something you can't control cos you're already on the brakes and the car's just going, until it stops. Like, horizontal free-falling, yknow? Hahahha. But yeah, serious stuff. I don't like. Early morning also wana do this kinda dangerous slash lame stunts. Super menyampah urgh. Feel like punching it's face. >:(

Friday, September 4, 2009

It took me 5 minutes to get to Taylors.

Class started at 8am, I woke up at 7.30am.


It takes me 55 minutes to get to my current uni.

Class starts at 8am, I wake up at 5.45am/6am and leave the house by 6.30/6.45am.

Because of the *&!@#$%^^*!! long jam. And I mean *&!@#$%^^*!! man. Seriously, it takes 65921473 hours, no, days to reach uni man. Sial.

And still, I reach late, 8am. We have to find parking somemore leh. Go to Law building somemore leh.
Reach class at 8.30 lor. Babi. Was late twice d.

I think... We'll leave the house by 6.30am next time.

Insane lah, insane!!

I've literally seen dawn break and the sun rise these few days. I reckon I'll be seeing a lot more of them in the days to come.

It's gona be a long 9 months yo. Lol.

Classes (more like just lectures since it's orientation) are fine, people are nice, lecturers are... Well, they seem good (well spoken English + the way they carry themselves & conduct lectures) but real classes only start next week so we shall see ;)

Made a coupla new friends... From close to home ones like Bangsar & Damansara to some from Brunei, Kenya, Johor and of course we have our ex-Taylorians :)

I have to say this, and it's true lah okay, that, once you've had a taste of Taylors, everything else pales in comparison. But that's the thing, some people do not realise that, really. They didn't know that they had the best until they moved on to a less satisfactory (by their standards) place. I've always appreciated Taylors :) I knew that that's like the best lah. As in location, surroundings and facilities. So I never took it for granted and I guess now I have to adapt & make the best of what I have, which is okay la I suppose cos I'm rather adaptable :)
But I don't like the whole waking-up-earlier-than-the-sun-rises crap. Man. Lol.

My next mission is to conquer the problem of where to makan haha.

Anyone miss Cabana and Peppercorn and McDs and... I have to say it... Asia Cafe? Hehe :P

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My text to Marcus Chong :

Haha I know la you start next week.. Lol! Tmw orientation ni so no biggie :) Pls wish Mandy good luck in driving.. She need it hahaha but she got practice la so ok :P

His reply :

Oh dear lord. That one need to go temple n ask God of Driving to help her. Tell me how la the class n everthing. I very very curious to know.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Only non-Muslims are allowed to attend the upcoming Black Eyed Peas concert.

Lol I feel like laughing, not at the fact that Muslims can't go but at the fact that, hello, what the heck is this?!, but it's not really that funny, just... Preposterous.

But actually it's quite funny lah, how we're supposed to be united and be One Malaysia, everyone being called "Malaysian" instead of segregating the races, but all these are still happening.

I know, I should be thankful that the non-Muslims get to go instead of banning every race altogether. And I am! Haha. Was just thinking deeper into it, that's all.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Because I was bored, here's..

My 31 random food facts. :)
(Even the number is so random, I know right. Lol.)

If you are bored, like me, read through and see if any of these are the same with you ;)

I always finish my fries before my main meal (burgers etcetc) I prefer blunt-edged, naturally soggy fries (not the fake one where it gets soggy after leaving it in a bag for 1 hour) to crispy, pointy-edged ones.

I like to eat my papayas in cubes, not long long or sliced diagonally.

I like eating ice-cream from tubs.

I don't usually snack in the cinema or in front of the TV. I feel that I can't concentrate on the taste so it's wasted. Lol.

I have a lifelong mission to try everybody's nasi lemak and also burgers, western & Ramly.

I like McD's coke. Particularly theirs.

I will pick the flavour chocolate over strawberry anytime. Over vanilla too for that matter.

I don't like carrots & corn in the peas-carrots-corn combo. But peas are okay.

I prefer pisang berangan to pisang emas/tanduk.

I do not like jackfruit/nangka but cempedak's cool.

I'd pick rice dishes over noodle ones anytime.

My favourite type of noodle is kuey tiow. And the fat, translucent one (in asam laksa). I don't dig mee hoon or yellow mee.

Cheese, chocolate and peanut butter are my Top 3. Priority given to them in anything. Except maybe potato chips flavour cos I pick hot & spicy or sour cream & onion over cheese lol.

I won't particularly choose to eat watermelons. But I won't die eating them.

I detest fish. Especially steamed fish ohmygoodnesslah. Fried/asam fish/salmon are negotiable. Actually, I quite like those hehe.

Favourite Baskin Robbins flavour - Pralines & Cream. Cookies & Cream comes in 2nd and surprisingly (perhaps because it's in my everything else) the Peanut Butter & Choc one comes in 3rd hehe.

I like chicken thigh. Very much. Practically flee from breast meat. I can hear Fiona going, Whyyyyy?? at this haha! :)

I drink less than a cup of water daily. Sometimes none. I basically drink very little fluids in general.

I eat the salted egg yolk last when eating mooncake. Also, only like the plain lotus mooncake, no fancy fancy flavours for me hehe.

I like my chocolate plain. No nuts, raisins, fruits, vege or whatever else embedded inside pls.

I like raisins alone but not in anything else. Eg. cakes, buns, choc.

I also like nuts alone but not in anything else. I don't really like almonds & walnuts. Macademias are my favourite.

Jams are not my thing. Apricot jam is reallyy not my thing. They should just stick to facials. Apricot facials.

I'd pick beef over chicken & pork anytime.

Funnily enough, for a beef lover, I don't really do steaks :P

I never eat the icing on cakes (those white & pink cream squiggles) They kinda make me feel sick after I swallow 'em.

Most of the time I only take whipped cream when it's on a Starbucks drink.

I don't really like lapp cheong (chinese sausage thing)

Japanese food is at the bottom of my list.

I eat the purple Skittles first, followed by the red ones, green, then orange. I give away the yellows.

And finally, I eat waffles, pizza style. None of that "use fork & knife to cut one small cube, eat, then cut another small cube, then another (repeat 63729 times)" for me.

And yes, there are 31 facts, no need go count count all. Haha.

I bet some of you have total opposites of my like/dislikes eh :) But see, that's why it's so cool. I mean, one man's meat is another man's poison and I guess that's just how we were made. I duno, I find that incredible, how each and everyone of us is fearfully & wonderfully made :) Even if it's about small things such as food hehe