Thursday, September 2, 2010


15 days more to go.


Super babi fast, right!

Well, I think it's 15 lah, my Math also a bit suspect wan haha

Starting to feel quite jittery lol jitters in me timbers.

Flashes of KLIA departure moments invade the privacy of my mind nowadays.

But actually, nothing is set in stone. Like. Nothing is ever certain until the time comes.

Let's say... How if I suddenly stomach ache until can die, then I miss my flight? Then no KLIA departure moments liao. Fail. Hahha.

I've just finished reading The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern, and I guess that got me wondering...

How if we knew what was going to happen tomorrow? Or the near future?

Would we change what we would do that very day, so as to alter what could have happened the next day?

Would there be less regret in the world this way?

Or is this a form of escapism for the weak who do not want to face the truth but would rather do everything differently just to get ideal results at the end of the day?

Hmmm. But I guess this is where I stop myself and chastise my overly thinking mind and go, it's just a book, Rachel. Just a book. :)

Haha but it could come in handy though, should I really get a stomach ache the hour before my flight. By reading about the next day in the diary, I would not eat whatever I ate on that day hahha so that my bowels would not be affected the next day and KLIA departure moments would carry on as I predicted it would. ;)

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